Monday, December 5, 2011

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  • Contains Vitamin C to fulfill your body's daily need
  • Fortified with pure royal jelly for better nourishment
  • Water-soluble and can be absorbed and digested by your body easily
  • Prevent your body from fever or flu illness
  • Helpful in neutralize your stomachache due to diarrhea
  • Build and maintain your skin beauty (Eliminate pimple or other skin problem)internally
  • Suitable for those who have sinus problem, work or study in aircond condition for long hours

RM 31.20
8 golden fruits extract, namely hawthorn, jujube, barbary wolfberry, job tear, spine date seed, smoked plum, lotus seed and longan, fortified with Vitamin B, inositol and taurine to speed up energy production by our body. Recyclable, environmental-friendly PET bottles used to pack this product are an additional advantage of EnerFruit Plus.
Under the new branding, Well 3, Ener Fruit Plus is now sporting a new look with extra energy boosting nutrition.Topping the previous formula are additional Vitamin B,Inositol and Taurine which energize the body faster.

Vitamin B1
                    Nutrition which converts carbohydrate into energy.
                    Necessary for the health of nerve system and joints, including heart functions.
                    Vitamin B3
                    Necessary to help produce energy & carbohydrate metabolism, fat and protein.
                    Helps reduce cholesterol level, regulate blood pressure, conservation of nerve system, blood circulation and skin’s health.

Vitamin B6
                    Necessary to produce red blood cells, carbohydrate, protein & fat metabolism, regulate nerves and immune system functions.
                    Helps regulate blood sugar by converting carbohydrate & other nutrients to simple sugar, to control normal blood sugar level.
                    Vitamin B12
                    Responds to various cells for production of energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.
                    Necessary for red blood cell generation, maintain brain, nerve system and DNA’s health.
                    Helps maintain the transmission of energy and nutrition to membrane cells.
                    Helps enhance membrane cells’ health.
                    Helps control fat metabolism and cholesterol to prevent hardening of blood vessel to protect the heart.

                    Important for brain function, heart, bile, eyes and vascular system.
                    Taurine acts as nerve intermediary hormone and stabilizes the brain’s membrane cells.
                    Helps keep the immune system healthy and regulates blood cholesterol level for the benefit of the cardiovascular system.

Children : 1 teaspoon daily, after meal
Adults : 1 teaspoon, twice a day, after meal



RM 74.40 (30 Sachet)

The benefits of CNI Young Intelmax
                    Contains natural ingredients with therapeutic and food values which is extracted using advanced extraction technology.
                    Available in tablet form packed with nutrients to strengthen brain function and mind’s agility, to fight against fatigue, lack of oxygen, enhance blood circulation to the brain, thus maintaining brain’s health.
                    The effect of CNI Young Intelmax is evident shortly after consumption and may last throughout the day, if taken in the right dosage.
                    The nutrients are extracted via Western technology whilst its Eastern medicinal and food value are fully preserved suitable as daily supplements for all ages.
                    Traditional used for general health.



RM 54.00

                    Ester C calcium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C, which can be easily absorbed, retained in the body and is more bioavailable.  Vitamin C is a vital nutrient to human body.
                    A tablet of CNI Ester C contains 500mg vitamin C, which is equivalent to 833% US RDA, therefore ensure we have sufficient vitamin C intake.
                    Vitamin C helps in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, gum as well as general make-up of the body.
                    Every tablet of Ester C also contains 60mg of calcium, thus giving consumer an added value when taking this product.
                    Calcium is a well-known mineral which helps in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth. The absorption of calcium is better with the presence of vitamin C.

      1 tablet, twice a day
                  60 tablets / box

1.                   Once purchase consider sold, product sold cannot be returnable.
2.                   Order can be made from 05/12/2011 until 09/12/2011 before 12 am.
3.                   Delivery of products is on 15/12/2011 and 16/12/2011.
4.                   The total of transaction will include RM 1 for charity purposes. 

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